About us

Published by the Mexican Institute of Water Technology, Water Technology and Sciences (Tecnología y ciencias del agua) is a highly specialized journal which reflects two important characteristics:

  • The interdisciplinary nature of its articles and notes.
  • The international scope of its authors, editors, reviewers, and readers.

It constitutes the continuity of the journal Irrigación en México (Irrigation in Mexico) (1930-1946); Ingeniería hidráulica en México (Hydraulic Engineering in Mexico) (1947-1971); Recursos hidráulicos (Hydraulic Resources) (1972-1978), and Ingeniería hidráulica en México, second period (1985-2009).

The journal is aimed at researchers, academics, and professionals who are interested in finding solutions to problems related to the water.

The journal’s contents are interdisciplinary and contain previously unpublished articles and notes that offer original scientific and technological contribution that are developed in the fields of knowledge related to the following disciplines:

  • Water and energy.
  • Water quality.
  • Hydro-agricultural sciences.
  • Political and social science.
  • Water management.
  • Hydrology.
  • Hydraulics.

The journal operates based on a rigorous review process which requires that each article to be analyzed separately by three reviewers. Top-level experts who are nationally and internationally renowned in their professional fields participate in this process, who are able to reliably and efficiently evaluate both the quality and the originality of the contributions offered, including the degree of scientific and technological innovations contained in the material submitted for possible publication.

An average of roughly 50% of its authors belong to foreign institutions, including those from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, France, Greece, Italy, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, and Venezuela, among others.

The journal is registered in several national and international indices and abstracts, including the Journal Citation Report, the Scopus SJR Scimago Jpurnal & Country Rank and the Mexican Catalogue of Science and Technology Journals (Catálogo de Revistas Mexicanas de Ciencia y Tecnología) by the National Science and Technology Council (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología).

It has an Editorial Board with an Editor in Chief, several subject editors, a technical secretary, and an editorial coordinator, from both national and foreign institutions. The function of the Board is to manage the journal, ensuring its quality and excellence as a medium for disseminating knowledge about subjects related to water resources.

Its Editorial Committee is composed of persons who are prominent in various fields of knowledge pertaining to the world of science and technology, in Mexico as well as abroad. It currently has 82 members from 15 countries.

It is a bimonthly publication (every two months).