Discussion Guide

Notes or technical articles are open to discussion according to the following guidelines:

  • The discussion shall be written in the third person.
  • The writer of the discussion should use the term “commentator” when referring to oneself and “author” when referring to the person responsible for the article or technical note.
  • The discussion should be submitted within 12 months of the last day of the quarter in which the article or technical note was published.
  • The discussion period may be extended if a written request is received from the commentator.
  • The discussion must be presented according to the Guide for Collaborators published in this journal (except for the length of the paper and the abstract). It should also include the bibliographical citation of the technical notes or articles to which the discussion refers.
  • The length of the discussion should be a maximum of four journal pages (approximately ten pages, including figures and tables).
  • The figures and tables presented by the commentator should be progressively marked using Roman numerals, and when citing those generated by the author the original numeration should be respected.
  • The editors will not include any data that are not related to the subject under  discussion.
  • The discussion will be rejected if it contains topics addressed in other sources, promotes personal interests, is carelessly prepared, disputes already-established facts, is merely speculative, or is not consistent with the objectives of the journal.
  • The discussion will be published along with the comments by the author or authors to which it refers.
  • The discussion will be facilitated by the editor-in-chief.