Guide for the reviewer

The content of “Tecnlogía y ciencias del agua” is interdisciplinary and is integrated with articles and unpublished technical notes related to water, derived from research, which provide input or original scientific and technological innovations and that are developed within the field of knowledge of hydrology, hydraulics, water management and water quality, as well as political and social sciences, among others disciplines.

Characteristics for a quality review

Prompt response

Reply in a period no longer than 20 days


The observations must be specific and written in friendly terms


The opinion must be clear and concise

Objectivity pendiente

Value judgments should be avoided, and focus in the quality and contributions of the article

Useful for the author (pendiente)

The observations must be exactly and

Verification list for detailed comments


Is the subject described correctly?


Do the objectives show the importance of the subject?
Are they consistent with the development of the research article?


Is the methodology to conduct research clearly explained?


Are the aportations clearly stated and defined in the research work?


Are the results clearly explained and compared with respect to the state of art?


Are the results of the research work highlighted?

Select your reply about the technical article according to your review

  • Accepted with modifications as an article
  • Accepted with modifications as note
  • Rejected