Intellectual Property

Federal Copyright Law

“Article 148.-

The literary and artistic works already disclosed may be used, provided that the normal exploitation of the work is not affected, WITHOUT THE AUTHORIZATION OF THE OWNER OF THE ECONOMIC RIGHT AND WITHOUT REMUNERATION, the source invariably being cited and the work being unaltered, only in the following cases:

Citation of texts, provided that the portion used cannot be considered a simulated and substantial reproduction of the content of the work; Reproduction of articles, photographs, illustrations and comments referring to current events, published by the press or disseminated on radio or television, or by any other means of dissemination, where this has not been expressly prohibited by the owner of the right; Reproduction of parts of the work, for scientific, literary or artistic criticism and research; Reproduction on a single occasion, and in one copy, of a literary or artistic work, for personal and private use of the person making the reproduction and for non-profit making purposes.
Legal persons may not avail themselves of the provisions of this section, except in the case of an educational or research institution, or where this is not devoted to commercial activities…”[1]


[1] Ley Federal del Derecho de Autor [Cámara de Diputados – H. Congreso de la Unión]. [Consulta: 05 de agosto, 2009]