PhD Talks

Dear author of Tecnología y ciencias del agua:

It is a pleasure to share with you that Tecnología y ciencias del agua (Tca) has achieved a collaboration alliance with PhD Talks, an initiative that seeks to make science available to the general public through a web platform, in which researchers in different areas of knowledge can disseminate their research articles published in quality scientific journals, using a friendly video format.

The links to this platform:

The links to this platform from the journal page are:

Thanks to this alliance, Phd Talks opened a specific section of scientific journals and, in this, an exclusive video channel for Tecnología y ciencias del agua, where as an author you can record your three-minute video and have a link to your article published in Tca. In counterpart, in Tca, we will place the link to his PhD Talks video. The idea is to join forces to have more readers of your work.

We suggest that your video be recorded in English, in order to cover another language that would allow the more enormous scope of your work in regions outside of Latin America.

PhDTalks points out the following structure of its video-summary so that it is as clear and understandable:

20 s
1. Article title and introduction
40 s2. Purpose of your publication
1 min3. What were the main results
1 min4. How this knowledge can be applied in a company or society

In this league, you can enter the respective tutorial:

Our goal is to disseminate and promote the use and social appropriation of the new and most important scientific and technological contributions that day by day enrich the knowledge about the water resource and its environment, as well as make visible the works in a better way.

Without further ado, I send you my best regards.

Dr. Alvaro A. Aldama Rodríguez
Chief-editor, Tecnología y ciencias del agua