Dear reader:

Fruit of a long tradition, spanning eighty years of studies, reflections, and actions related to the knowledge of water, we launch today the journal Tecnología y Ciencias del Agua (Water Technology and Sciences). This new publication is a proud descendant of the journal Ingeniería Hidráulica en México (Hydraulic Engineering in Mexico), published in its second series since 1985 by the Mexican Institute of Water Technology, which in turn was the continuation of the journal Irrigación en México (Irrigation in Mexico) (1930-1946), Ingeniería Hidráulica en México (1947-1971), and Recursos hidráulicos (Water Resources) (1972-1978).

Water Technology and Sciences is geared towards researchers, academicians, specialists, and professionals interested in the analysis of, research in, and search for knowledge and solutions to water-related problems in the Spanish-speaking world. This is an essential task in today’s world, marked by huge water- and environment-related challenges within an increasingly active and demanding knowledge society.

Likewise, we are committed to stimulating the publication of articles that offer original contributions from different fields of science and technology that give account of the complex dimensions related to the management, utilization, use, exploitation, conservation, care, and knowledge of water and associated natural resources, such as soil and forests.

Tecnología y ciencias del agua was born in response to two major aspects: the interdisciplinary approach of its articles and the international nature of its authors, editors, reviewers, and readers. An Editorial Committee comprised by renowned experts from 15 countries backs the consistency and objectivity of the article review and selection process.

Our final goal is to disseminate and promote the use and social appropriation of the latest and most important scientific and technological contributions that continuously add to the knowledge on water and associated resources.